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Here is a quick and easy recipe that Jeff and Jodi regularly use to get them eating better and to stay on track:

One (1) 3 – 5 LB roast. Preferably a sirloin roast, but any roast will do.
One (1) packet of ranch seasoning
One (1) packet of au jus or brown gravy mix

– Trim the excess fat
– Set roast in crockpot or slow cooker
– Cover roast with ranch seasoning and au jus mix

– Set cooker to low for 8-12 hours (depending on size)
– Shred the meat around 8 hours and either let sit or continue to cook on low as needed for desired tenderness.

Serve with a healthy serving of veggies and rice.

(Note: you can also do this with chicken. Just replace the roast with chicken and the au jus/brown gravy with chicken gravy.)

Jeff’s favorite is served with mixed veggies and he uses parboiled rice.

Carbs are not the enemy but do not eat too many, just enough to support exercise – for most of us, 3oz of carbs per meal is enough.

Pair that with 3-6oz of the roast and don’t be shy with the veggies! You cannot eat too many veggies! Jeff regularly eats 12oz or more of veggies with every meal.

Remember, the general rule of thumb we like to use: 3-6oz of carb, 3-6oz of protein, and AT LEAST 6oz of veggies but preferably more (the more, the better!)

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